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The video funnel method takes the best features of  your brand and consolidates  them into an effective marketing strategy, using video to move people along the path of purchasing your service.


Video Business Card (VBC)

Before you try to sell or gain leads, people need to know who you are and what you do. A 2-3 minute VBC is meant to share just that. It focuses on presenting your brand-personality, beliefs and service in the best light. 

  • 2-3mins

  • Focuses on sharing who you are with potential clients 

About Our Service (Video)

This video is a 1-2 minute video designed to give an overview of a specific service you offer, showing clients what they can expect when coming to your office. You will demonstrate and/or verbally communicate how this service could benefit them. This will allow the viewer to feel more comfortable and help them make a better decision when considering if they should work with you over someone else.

  • 1-2mins

  • Focuses on one service.

  • Answers popular questions.

  • Show us the process

Service Walkthrough (Video)

Unlike the "about our service video" which is more of a general overview of a service you offer, a "Service walkthrough" is more specific, characterized with an educational approach, utilizing motion graphics along with live video to pinpoint and display a service in action.  These are usually 30-40 seconds and are made for social platforms, however you can add these to your website to build a catalog of information that your customers can easily access when they have questions. This is a great way to minimize the time you spend answer clients questions because the answer will be at their fingertips, all you need to do is direct them to it.

  • 30-40secs

  • Focuses on educating your clients.

  • A lifetime catalog of easily accessible and re-postable content.

  • Saves you time, not needing to answer every question a client has.

Testimonial (Video)

A video testimonial gives credibility and integrity to your words. This is a 2-3min video compilation of different people praising an aspect of your company. This video can also be broken down into micro bits of around 20-30secs to serve different platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. The message behind this video is "the proof is in the product"

  • 2-3mins

  • Focuses on clients praise affirms your credibility.

  • Can be broken down in to micro bits 20-30secs long for easy posting.

  • Theme: "the proof is in the product"


When diving into the realm of active marketing it’s important to keep your audience engaged. “Text animation” videos are summaries of all the content you’ve created and are made to fill in the posting gaps on social platforms. This means you will have posts available that are able to keep your pages relevant in the eyes of social algorithms.

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