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For Your Benefit

Asking the right questions will give you the best answers. We asked ourselves, "what is media doing to our culture". This question wasn't asked with a hint of negative imprecation, but rather an honest approach at trying to uncover the benefits and/or losses from living in such a progressive media age. Diggin deep helped us to learn a lot about how we behave as humans and how media can either hinder or help our personal development. JPTV was birthed out of a heart to use media for the latter.


For decades media has been use to entertain, inspire and inform the general population. Businesses use it to gain exposer for their company (completely relatable), politicians use it to rally up a following, and consumers use it to learn information, form opinions or unwind after a long day of work. 

While these are all valid and effective ways to utilize this fascinating phenomenon called "media" we think we can do more to truly benefit "the people". 

Hence the term "Dynamic Media..


"Dynamic media" Otherwise know as "interactive media" is how we plan to change the current landscape of media development.

Dynamic media uses engaging content to then provoke real world action. No more inspiration without action, no more entertainment without inventions, no more learning without applying. What does this mean? It means that media can give us the illusion of knowing a lot, but it can take away from of real world impact if we aren't careful to draw the line. Like they say "Things can be bad if done out of moderation" media is the same. Young people are consumed with making an online presence but have forgotten or in some cases have never known what it's like to really connect with people, to really develop strong relationships. 

Simply put. "dynamic media using media to point people back to the real world".

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